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Working mothers can be seen in any profession, even professional golf. In fact, a few players on the Symetra Tour can proudly say they are working mothers as they travel from city to city and course to course with the support of their families.

We understands that it takes a lot to raise and maintain a family on the road, but these moms have stuck with the game they love while taking care of the ones they love. See what it takes for these moms to hold the title of professional golfer and mother.

KATY HARRIS: I have been a mother my entire professional career. There is a big difference between a Mom on the Symetra Tour and the LPGA Tour. On the Symetra Tour everyone is surprised to hear I have kids, since most of the players are so young. A few of them actually call me Mom. On the LPGA Tour there are many Mothers so it is quite normal. Also, the LPGA has wonderful childcare sponsored by Smuckers that I hope to use sometime this year. I would love the opportunity to bring my kids on tour some of the time, something that just isn't possible on the Symetra Tour.

Being a Mom and a professional golfer gives balance to my life. I am blessed to be able to fulfill both of my passions in life. As a teenager I dreamed of playing on the LPGA tour and being a Mother. I was unsure how I could do both. If the LPGA did not have childcare I might not have made the decision to come back to golf. I am very thankful for the opportunities the LPGA has for families.


About Florida's Natural® Brand

Florida Natural Image colorFirst formed in 1933, the growers' cooperative was named Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative, as its main function was canning grapefruit sections and juice for its grower members. After the development of frozen concentrated juices in the 1940's, the Cooperative invested in the necessary infrastructure and became one of the largest juice processors in the state. The Cooperative's flagship Brand, Florida's Natural® uses oranges From Florida and Only Florida™.

Florida's Natural Growers is comprised of 13 grower organizations representing almost 1000 individual growers who own nearly 50,000 acres of citrus in Florida. Florida's Natural Growers operates its processing plant in Lake Wales, Florida, with a juice packaging plant in Umatilla, Florida. The Lake Wales facility employs 850 employees and can extract over nine million pounds of fruit every twenty-four hours in peak season. Brands product in Lake Wales include Florida's Natural ®, Florida's Natural Growers Pride ®, Donald Duck ®, and Bluebird . For more information please visit FloridasNatural.com

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