Wedding Bells

Love is in the air and the wedding bells were chiming for Carling Coffing.  She is one of many Symetra Tour pros catching the romance, as a number will tie the knot in 2013. caught up with Coffing to get the details of how she met her husband, how she prepared for the big day while traveling on Tour and if she will be changing her name.

Tell us how you and your husband met. 
I asked for directions randomly in the street. He had such a funny personality and we just kept talking. About 10 months later we were engaged.

Brief summary of how he/you proposed
Surprised me after we worked out with roses and candles at his house. Popped the question in our sweat pants but then arranged for a fancy dinner that night!

Was it hard to plan a wedding while traveling on Tour?  
It was very hard!! That's why I picked January so I have a few months at home before the wedding.

Were any fellow players in your wedding?
I used to travel with Carmen Bandea, a former player on Tour, and she was my maid of honor. If you survive on tour together you are friends for life! Also, several players came to the wedding: Briana Vega, Emma Jandel and Jessica Hauser.

Favorite part of your wedding day?
My dad and I choreographed our father-daughter dance and it was so fun! He wasn't too bad at the two-step. It also snowed the perfect amount and we had a beautiful Winter Wonderland Wedding!

Where did you decide to honeymoon?
Cayman Islands - nothing but sun and Piña Coladas.

Will you be changing your name?
I decided to change my name, no hyphen or anything. My husband and I are finally married, and I want to share out last name to show that we are on the same team forever. I think it looks great - Carling Nolan!

How often will you get to see your husband once the season starts?
I will have to travel without him for the first couple of tournaments, and it is so terrible. Hopefully this summer he is going to try to start caddying for me full-time, so watch out Symetra Tour!

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