Off-season Q&A with Olivia Jordan-Higgins

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Another season came to an end and with that caught up with several players to get their thoughts on their 2012 season, plans for the off-season and if they'll be putting down the clubs and truly take some time off. This week we check in with Olivia Jordan-Higgins to see what she has to say about 2012 and what she'll be doing to prepare for the new year.

Describe your 2012 season using only one word?

How would you compare this season to seasons in the past?
It was another great year. In my first season, I had so much to take in on and off the golf course and I needed to learn where I needed to be and when. I had to learn to structure my routine the way that suited me - which included how many practice rounds I would play, how many hours I would practice, what I would do off the golf course to relax etc. There was a lot to figure out!! Last season, I was able to focus a lot more on my golf game and trying to win. There were not so many distractions as there was my first year.

What part of your game have you been the happiest with this season?
My putting for sure. It has been the main reason for my success, along with feeling comfortable competing out here on the Symetra Tour.

How well did you meet the goals you set for yourself?
Pretty well. I had hoped to get a win and finish Top Ten but I still managed two second place finishes and finished 16th on the money list. So I was close but still have room for improvement for this year.

You've been traveling off and on for about seven months, what were you most excited about at home?
Not living out a suitcase and being in the same place for more than a week!

How will you spend your off-season? Any trips planned, learning something new, books you’ve been dying to read and haven’t had the chance, movies, etc?
I will spend most my time catching up with friends and family who I haven’t seen for ten months.

How long will you put down your clubs?
About a month - just enough time to have a break and feel refreshed but not to completely forget how to golf!

Heading into the off-season do you have anything specific you want to work on with your game?
Mostly the mental side of the game. I will spend a lot of time reading books and listening to CDs to learn how to cope with pressure and being near the top of the leaderboard.

Will you have a specific exercise routine to stay fit prior to 2013?
I love to try lots of different classes. For example, spinning, yoga, pilates, kick boxing… the list goes on and on. It just keeps my mind fresh as well as my body.

How do you go about preparing for a new season?
Lots of playing, practicing and working on my mental game!

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