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All About Me...

I grew up in East Palestine, a small town in northeast Ohio. I believe being a " little sister" to two older brothers helped shape my  competitiveness and perseverance. Everything they did, I wanted to do it better and I did! I tagged along with my brother Trent playing basketball, football, baseball, hockey, etc. He instilled an obsession with statistics / records. I won't ever forget him telling me to always look at the record book before a track meet. In essence, he taught me to think BIG. This mentality led to four trips to the Ohio State Track Meet, where I won two state championships in the long jump. I also own five school records in the 100, 200, 400, 300 hurdles , and long jump.

It wasn't just my brothers who helped shape my personality. My mother started me in gymnastics at age two. I was a competitive gymnast until I left for college. My mother also began piano lessons for me. She would say "no gymnastics unless you practice the piano". I became quite accomplished [my favorite piece is Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique in C Minor]. I believe my great touch around the greens came from the piano.

My Dad was the one who got me interested in golf. He took me to all the tournaments my family could afford. We never did AJGA or any tournaments of that caliber.  I played in more tournaments in 2011 than in my entire life. This is what is so exciting to me. I truly believe that I am not even close to being tapped out. Back to my Dad. Throughout my childhood, I watched him rescue birds, cats, opossums raccoons, turtles, etc. He loves animals and instilled the same values in me. I currently feed the squirrels that are in the trees behind my condo. I  hand feed corn to the Sandhill Cranes at my golf course. I even feed an opossum, who waits for me in the same tree every night. It's safe to say that I like animals more than people.

I am very excited for the 2012 season. I am looking forward to the new events on the schedule. I am enjoying my journey to the LPGA. I hope if you are reading this, you can make it out to see all the talented girls on the Symetra Tour.

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