Quick Q&A with Rookie Martina Gavier

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Now that their rookie season is under their belts and they have had a chance to reflect on the year, SymetraTour.com caught up with several rookies for a quick Q&A. This week we catch up with Martina Gavier to see what she thought about her rookie year.

Use one word to describe your rookie year?

What did you learn about yourself and your game this year?
About myself I learned that on the golf course I need to control my emotions a little better. I enjoy my passionate personality but I've realized (for once) that it can detract from my ability to accomplish my goals. About my game I learned that it needs improvement. I need to get better if I want to get my LPGA Tour card. 

Did you set goals and if so did you accomplish them?
Yes I set goals. My goal was to finish in the top ten of the money list but I came up way short.

What was your favorite part about this year as a rookie?
The competition. Playing with great players is a lot of fun. 

What did you learn about the Symetra Tour that you didn’t know prior?
I realized the Symetra Tour has a huge potential for growth and that there are people passionately working toward its development. It's the second best tour for women professionals in America and it's starting to attract the attention of more fans and sponsors.  

Do you have any funny rookie mistakes you want to share?
I didn't carefully check the tournament week schedule a few times and was late to events, meetings and practice rounds...

What piece of advice would you give to next year’s rookie class?
Try to be as organized and informed as possible to avoid painful mistakes like missing an entry deadline, a signature on a scorecard or a rookie meeting. Fines come into play and they are not fun.

What are some travel tips now that you are a seasoned traveler?
Have a checklist not to forget stuff all over the place. Keep your car as clean and organized as possible. These two things save time and stress. 

How will you spend your offseason?
I'm working hard this off season. I'm more motivated than ever to get better and have a successful season on tour next year. I'm in my home country Argentina at the moment and will go back to my other dear home in Orlando in January. My routine consists of working out, practicing, hanging out with my friends and family and reading books, mainly the Bible. It's a wonderful life! 

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