Quick Q&A with Rookie Emma de Groot

Now that their rookie season is under their belts and they have had a chance to reflect on the year, SymetraTour.com caught up with several rookies for a quick Q&A. This week we catch up with Emma de Groot to see what she thought about her rookie year.

Use one word to describe your rookie year?

What did you learn about yourself and your game this year?
About myself, I learned that I am tougher than I gave myself credit for. I had a lot of injury issues but still managed to hang in there. About my game, I learned that it's good enough to get me to where I want to be if I believe in myself. 

Did you set goals and if so did you accomplish them?
I did set goals, and I didn't accomplish them all. However I did learn a lot about my game and tour life and I feel like I will have a much better grasp of everything next year. 

What was your favorite part about this year as a rookie?
The friendships I have formed. As awesome as it was traveling all over the country, it would not have been nearly as fun without the amazing girls I travelled with. 

What did you learn about the Symetra Tour that you didn’t know prior?
I learned that there are families all over the country who are willing to open up there homes and help us chase our dreams. It's very humbling. 

Do you have any funny rookie mistakes you want to share?
It's important to read the Pro-Am sheets so you don't have to email Steph Bell in on the second hole of your pro-am because you thought the amateurs got the score cards.

What piece of advice would you give to next year’s rookie class?
You save a lot of money if you organize yourself well enough to not have to overnight most of your entry forms haha.

What are some travel tips now that you are a seasoned traveler?
I like to listen, not watch, listen, to movies I've seen on Netflix while I drive to tournaments week to week. It makes the hours go by a lot faster.

How will you spend your offseason?
I'll be home in Australia with the family, then playing the 2013 ALPG season before heading back. 


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