Quick Q&A with Rookie Marissa Steen

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Now that their rookie season is under their belts and they have had a chance to reflect on the year, SymetraTour.com caught up with several rookies for a quick Q&A. This week we catch up with Marissa Steen to see what she thought about her rookie year.

Use one word to describe your rookie year?

What did you learn about yourself and your game this year?
I learned the importance of making pars this year.  Even though failing to convert birdie opportunities is frustrating, par is never a bad score!

Did you set goals and if so did you accomplish them?
My goal was to make cuts and to lower my stroke average from my senior year of college golf.  I was 9/13 on cuts made and my stroke average did improve.  It was nice to see all of my hard work pay off.

What was your favorite part about this year as a rookie?
Getting to travel around the country and play golf every single day!  I got to see and learn about so many places that I probably would not have ever visited if I was not on the Symetra Tour.

What did you learn about the Symetra Tour that you didn’t know prior?
It is a grind!  Between long days at the course playing and practicing and traveling each week, it can really take a toll on you.  I’ve never slept as much as I did this season!

Do you have any funny rookie mistakes you want to share?

What piece of advice would you give to next year’s rookie class?
Take the season one day at a time; it will have many ups and downs.  One bad round or one bad tournament does not define you as a golfer or a person.  Stay positive and have a blast!

What are some travel tips now that you are a seasoned traveler?
Don’t wait to the last minute to make travel plans and/or hotel reservations.  It makes things much more stressful!

How will you spend your offseason?
Relaxing, spending time with friends and family, and working on swing mechanics.  It’s tougher to work on mechanics during the season so I like to focus on that in the off season.


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