Off-season check-in with Alexandra Casi

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Another season has come to an end and with that caught up with several players to get their thoughts on their season, plans for the off-season and if they'll be putting down the clubs and truly take some time off. This week we check in with Alexandra Casi to see what she has to say about 2012 and what she'll be doing to prepare for next year.

Describe your 2012 season using only one word?
Hit-or-miss..I guess that's three :)

How would you compare this season to seasons in the past?
2012 was my second season as a professional and in my opinion it was definitely better than 2011. On paper, my stats may have been better on the Symetra Tour in 2011, but 2012 brought three wins. Not a lot of people can say they won three times at any level. So, even though my performance wasn't what I hoped for on the Symetra Tour, I believe I grew as a player!

What part of your game have you been the happiest with this season?
I worked hard on my ability to work the ball right and left and low and high. I was impressed that I finally could be confident enough to hit these types of shots under pressure!

How well did you meet the goals you set for yourself?
A few of my goals for 2012 were to win on the Suncoast Tour, win on the Symetra Tour, qualify for the U.S. Women's Open, and qualify for an LPGA event. I was two for four on that list! Obviously, I am unhappy with not having a better finish on the Symetra Tour, but there was definitely progress in 2012!

You've been traveling off and on for about seven months, what were you most excited about at home?
Definitely my mom and dad's cooking! Also, the dog I rescued in Florida in 2011 (Andy) lives with my parents. Andy and I have an inseparable connection! 

How will you spend your off-season? Any trips planned, learning something new, books you’ve been dying to read and haven’t had the chance, movies, etc?
I have been in Ohio since the completion of LPGA Stage II. I haven't been able to head back south yet due to finances! I took a week off when we were hit by hurricane Sandy, but after that I have been playing weather permitting! I read the all the Hunger Games series and would highly recommend them for some good "off-season reads"!!

How long will you put down your clubs?
I only like to take a week off, any longer than that and the ball starts looking weird! I believe that taking a week off provides some sort of separation from the season!

Heading into the off-season do you have anything specific you want to work on with your game?
If I had the monetary means, I would definitely start working with someone "mental". I feel like I'm physically capable of playing more consistent and going low. I just need to clean up some unwanted thoughts :)

Will you have a specific exercise routine to stay fit prior to 2013?
Since I have been trapped in Ohio, I have gotten to do a lot more working out. Biking, blading, sprint workouts, etc. I do like to go heavy in the gym in the "off-season" months. The golf swing is anaerobic and so that is how I like to train when competition is at a low!

How do you go about preparing for a new season? 
Preferably in temperatures above 35!!! I think I need to reassess my goals for next year and keep giving 100% everyday! I need to stay patient and know that God has a plan for me in 2013!

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