Holiday Q&A with Natalie Sheary

Christmas is a time for family to gather and friends to visit. A time to spread peace and happiness all around. Lights hung on tree branches, bright bows on the perfect presents and the crackle of the fire in the fireplace are all part of this special time of year. caught up with Natalie Sheary to find out her thoughts on the perfect gift and how she would be spending the holiday break.

What are you doing for the holidays?
Going back to Connecticut! Finally!!

Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?
Both :/

Hardest/easiest person to buy for?
I would think easy...

Favorite Christmas song?
Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you.

Real or artificial tree?
Real all the way! Don't all New Englanders get a real one?!

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Morning, half the fun is having to wait.

Any family traditions?
Nope... smh

Favorite ornament or decoration?
Any ornament my grandmother Nina buys me! My sister and I get a new one to add to our collection every year!

Do you live where it snows? If yes, are you hoping for a white Christmas?
Of course!!! Snow angels are a must!!

One thing that makes you happiest at Christmas?
Spending time with my family

What's the best holiday gift you've ever given? And received
I like things that are made, not bought....

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