Holiday Q&A with Stephanie Kenoyer

Christmas is a time for family to gather and friends to visit. A time to spread peace and happiness all around. Lights hung on tree branches, bright bows on the perfect presents and the crackle of the fire in the fireplace are all part of this special time of year. caught up with Stefanie Kenoyer to find out her thoughts on the perfect gift and how she would be spending the holiday break.


What are you doing for the holidays?
I will probably just be spending some time at home, relaxing and taking a little time away from my golf clubs! It will be good to have a little break because it’s been a long season!

Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?
I love shopping for other people and I try to start early so I can really put some thought into it, but inevitably I always leave a few till the last possible minute!

Hardest/easiest person to buy for?
My sisters are the easiest, because we have very similar tastes.  Usually if it is something I like, chances are they will too! (although sometimes I end up buying one for myself too!) I have a hard time buying things for my brothers-in-law though. They always are the last ones I get things for (just don't tell them that)

Favorite Christmas song?
"Let it Snow” and "Grown up Christmas List"

Real or artificial tree? When does it go up/come down?
We always do a real tree, and usually we get it in the middle of December that way it lasts until after New Year’s Eve!

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We always do one present on Christmas Eve, the rest have to wait until Christmas morning.

Any family traditions?
We always eat Christmas Eve dinner with the same family friends, other than that not too many. I’m excited for my nieces and nephews to get a little older so we can start new traditions with them!

Favorite ornament or decoration?
All of the ornaments with family pictures on them. And our Angel for the tree

Do you live where it snows? If yes, are you hoping for a white Christmas?
No snow in South Florida 

One thing that makes you happiest at Christmas?
Wow there are SO many things that make me happy at Christmas time, but mostly just getting to spend time with family and friends.

What's the best holiday gift you've ever given? And received

Well the best Christmas gift of all was the gift of Jesus, so I would have to say that’s at the top of my list of things received.  And the best gift I’ve ever given was probably a plane ticket to come on our family ski trip….14 people and two babies on the ski slopes? What could be better than that?

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