Fun Facts about Molly Aronsson

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

Molly Aronsson took a few moments to answers a few fun questions. Find out something most people don't know about her, what her go-to shot is or if she has any crazy golf superstitions.


Tell us something that most people don't know about you?
I can write faster backwards in cursive than forward, my sister started it for me.  Watch my video demonstration.

What is your go-to shot under pressure?
My go to shot under pressure is a shoulder to shoulder 3-6 yard draw. A shoulder-to-shoulder swing is a really tight body swing. Your backswing only goes far enough back so that your hands never go above your shoulders at the top....and in the down swing they never go above your shoulders either. It's about a 3/4 swing....but the feeling of taking your hands from one shoulder to another keeps it really compact and forces you to use your body to hit the shot (so that you don't get 'handsy').

My best travel tip is….
My best travel tip would be to use I have found some amazing places and restaurants to visit. Be sure to leave reviews once in awhile so that you give back to the community ;)

Crazy superstition?
I don't have many crazy superstitions. my first or second Women's Club Championship at Burlington Country Club in Vermont, my friend and also parent's friend Mary Brush caught me washing my ball on a water hole. She goes "Molly! Wait...don't you know it's bad luck to wash your ball on a water hole?" Just from the thought, if I find myself walking toward a ball washer on a "water hole" I tend to wait until the green to wash it off. It's totally not a big deal but now I know if I don't wash it, I certainly won't go in the water ;)

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