Quick Q&A with Alejandra Llaneza

Photo Credit: Scott Miller

SymetraTour.com caught up with Alejandra Llaneza on Wednesday at the fifth-annual Lorena Ochoa Invitational presented by Banamex and Jalisco. The Mexico City native and 2012 Symetra Tour rookie is no stranger to LPGA events and is making her eighth appearance on Tour, first as a professional. Llaneza takes a look back at her first season as a professional and dished on all things related to her rookie year.

Use one word to describe your rookie year?

What did you learn about yourself and your game this year?
I learned that I really enjoy playing professional golf and I learned that I have to trust my game and trust what I can do to play well.

Did you set goals and if so did you accomplish them?
I achieved some of them but not all of them. Getting invited to this tournament was a highlight of the season.

What was your favorite part about this year as a rookie?
Probably all the new experiences and getting to finally experience being a professional golfer. The traveling and playing different courses all week, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do so I really enjoy it.

Do you have any funny rookie mistakes you want to share? 
I can’t think of any right now but I definitely have some funny stories. One of my friends took the rental car keys and her clubs were still in the car so we had to break the window to get the clubs out of the car right before she played.

What piece of advice would you give to next year’s rookie class?
I would tell them to plan their schedule according to their needs and not just golfwise but physically don’t wear yourself out. There’s plenty of time to practice. If there is something I learned it’s that maybe I put in too much quantity over quality.

How will you spend your offseason?
I will be back home in Mexico season for half of it and spend time with my family and the other half I will go to back to Arizona and see my friends.

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