Smith Answers Fun Fall Questions

As fall-like weather approaches one might think of Halloween and the changing of the leaves. recently caught up with several players to find their favorite part about Fall, what was their favorite Halloween costume or if their team won the world series. See what Nicole Smith had to say in our "Fall Fun Series" leading up to Halloween.

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite Halloween costume from your past?
Smith: Well I always seemed to be busy on Halloween with golf. My favorite costume it not really about the costume but a photo taken of me with my dad when I was really little.  

Symetra Tour: Do you decorate for Halloween?
Smith: Yes, I like carving pumpkins...I especially like digging out the pumpkin seeds baking and eating them! I hope to one day get into decorating a little more when I am around. 

Symetra Tour: Do you have many trick-or-treaters?
Smith: This is the first Halloween I will be home, so I will buy some candy and we will see!!  

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Smith: Candy Corn!!  

Symetra Tour: Where will you be on Halloween?
Smith: At my home in Palm Springs.

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite part about the fall?
Smith: The weather cooling off, getting to wear jackets, hot chocolate comes back in style and chili for dinners.  Oh and not sweating on the golf course!

Symetra Tour: Are you ready for the cool, crisp weather that fall brings?
Smith: YES! 

Symetra Tour: Of the teams in that were in the baseball playoffs who did you want to make and win the World Series?
Smith: I don't watch baseball, but College Football is on!!!

Symetra Tour: What is your all-time favorite baseball movie?
Smith: Moneyball 

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