Full Fall Q & A with Kendall Dye

SymetraTour.com recently caught up with several players to find their favorite part about Fall, what was their favorite Halloween costume or if their team was in contention for the world series. Kendall Dye is next up!

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite Halloween costume from your past?
Dye: I was a clown when I was three. I lived in Memphis and our house was in a cul-de-sac. I had to go to the bathroom really bad but was given the option of continuing on for more candy so I fought on and walked straight ahead instead of turning left into my house and went in my clown suit.

Symetra Tour: Do you decorate for Halloween?
Dye: I don't since I'm hardly home in time to do so. 

Symetra Tour: Do you have many trick-or-treaters?
Dye: We do but I sometimes hope they don't show so I can eat all the candy I bought. 

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Dye: Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers, Gobstoppers, Reese's Cups. 

Symetra Tour: Where will you be on Halloween?
Dye: Phoenix! I get home the day before so I need to start planning my costume in advance. 

Symetra Tour: What is your favorite part about the fall?
Dye: Football. Leaves changing. Just the cozy, warm, snuggly feeling. 

Symetra Tour: Are you ready for the cool, crisp weather that fall brings?
Dye: Yes I'm ready but Phoenix doesn't have "fall" so I'm excited for cooler temps!

Symetra Tour: Of the teams in the were in the baseball playoffs who did you want to make and win the World Series?
Dye: Yankees

Symetra Tour: What is your all-time favorite baseball movie?
Dye: I loved Rookie of the Year growing up. Sandlot and Field of Dreams are classics though. 

Symetra Tour: What do you like most about the World Series?
Dye: The pressure of how much each game means. 

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